Feature Highlights of Version 4


New Morphing Control Tool: Camera
Now you can pan/zoom/rotate each morphing frame through a customized curve.

Track Curve

New Morphing Control Tool: Track Curve
Now you can use a real curve as morph track instead of previous straight lines.


Add Caption
Now you can add caption on source images or the whole morph movie without using any additional software.


Add Filter
Now you can add more filters to source images or the final morph.

Sequence Effect

Sequence Effect
Now you can create the add-on effects (background, mask, foreground, etc.) not only for the whole movie, but also for each sequence.

Line Mode

New Line Mode
Now you can connect the separated key dots with lines. This will not affect the final morphing effects, but it makes the key dots grouped and organized well.

32-bit Preview

32-bit Preview
Now you can preview a 32-bit morph more clearly because the preview background is now a checkerboard instead of the pure black color.

Full Screen Mode

New Full Screen Mode
Now you can preview morph pictures and play morph animations in full screen when design.

Face Library

New Add-in: Face Library
With this new add-in, you can easily collect and store source images along with key dots in a classified library.

Intelligent Memory Management

Intelligent Memory Management
Using this intelligent memory management technique makes it possible to load unlimited or huge source images in one project.

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Feature Highlights of Version 3

New Movie Effects: Transition, Light, Sound
These new powerful effects can morph pictures awesome!

New Frame Sequence View
Now you can preview all morphing frames separately in Frame Sequence mode.

New Professional Morph Controls
Now you can completely control the morph pictures on feature and shape with two curves.

New Export Format: Standalone EXE
Now you can export morph pictures and morph animation to standalone programs and easily share with your friends.

Supports Printing
Now you can print source images, preview and all morphing frames, even supports WYSIWYG print preview.

New Project Wizard
Create your first morph by this step 1-2-3 wizard. A great start point for beginners of FantaMorph.

New Dot Adding Modes
Now you can combine the two new options to get your own favorite dot adding mode. Adding key dots has never been easier and faster.

Now Can Zoom/Pan Preview
This makes it possible to preview any portion of the morph so you'll be able to edit the morphing effects very accurately.

New Export Window
A new hub window for export functions. It's easier to export and manage the morph pictures and morphing movies.

Improved Rendering Engine
Now the improved rendering engine works better for 32-bit morphing. Also, any mesh tangling can be obviously found than ever before.

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Version History

Version 5.x
  • New Layer Morph - Have multiple morphs running in different layers simultaneously. This makes it possible to create very professional and stunning morphs.
  • Improved Rendering Engine - You can get more sharp and clear morphing image quality with the improved rendering engine.
  • New Face Extractor - New face extractor is much more accurate and faster than ever before.
  • New Face Locator - New face locator is much more accurate and faster than ever before.
  • New Face Model - You can use a customized face model to create face morphs.
  • New Sequence List Panel - With the new sequence list panel you can easily add, delete, move, link, duplicate sequences.
  • New Camera - Now you can create intuitional camera tracks, control proportions of each key frame.
  • New Dual View mode - FantaMorph can now work perfectly on dual monitors.
  • Splittable Workspace - The three main panels, Image 1, Image 2 and Preview, are splittable now.
  • Separate Sequence Effects - Each sequence can have different effects now.
  • New sequence effect: Trail - With Trail you can add a motion blur or motion trail effect for a sequence.
  • New sequence effect: Radial - With Radial you can add a radiating rays effect for a sequence.
  • Use Camera on Movie/Sequence Effects - You can use camera on a movie/sequence effect to make a still effect being animated.
  • Modeless Movie/Sequence Windows - All movie/sequence windows are modeless now, so that you can have them always visible along with the main interface.
  • New Master Curve - With the new master curve you can easily control the transparency to create a fade in/out in a sequence.
  • Improved Track Curve - The start point and end point can be moved to anywhere now, for professional users, this makes it possible to create Anti-Faces and Caricatures.
  • New Dots Transform - You can now rotate, skew and flip selected dots.
  • Improved Crop Tool - You can now rotate arbitrary angle and crop, and crop to outside the source images.
  • New Sound Controls - There are a few new controls for sound: cut, repeat, fade in/out.
  • New Reverse Option - There is a new Reverse option for mask/transition effect.
  • Outside Dots - You can now place key dots outside source images.
  • Caption Shadow - You can now add shadows for caption.
  • Import PhotoShop PSD Files - You can now import PhotoShop PSD files.
  • Adjust Skin Hue - You can change the skin to your favorite color.
  • Auto Update - With Auto Update, you can keep the program up to date automatically.

Version 4.x

Version 3.x

Version 2.x

Version 1.x

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