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Nous avons 2 types de licence que vous pouvez choisir: Licence Un Seul-Utilisateur  et Licencne site.

  • Licence Un Seul-Utilisateur - Si vous avez acheté une Licence un seul Utilisateur, ce logiciel peut-être installé au maximum sur 2 ordinateurs, sachant qu'il ne doit être utilisé que sur une mahcine à la fois. Par exemple un utilisateur, peut avoir une installation dans son foyer et une installation au bureau pour l'utilisataion de la même licence.
  • Edition
    For Windows
    For Mac
    For Win & Mac
    FantaMorph SE FantaMorph
    FantaMorph Pro FantaMorph
    FantaMorph Deluxe FantaMorph
  • Licence Site  - Si vous avez acheté une Licence Site pour de la formation ou commercialiser, le logiciel peut être utilisé dans la société ou en réseau (LAN) de formation sans aucunes restrictions.
  • Edition
    For Windows
    For Mac
    For Win & Mac
    FantaMorph SE FantaMorph
    FantaMorph Pro FantaMorph
    FantaMorph Deluxe FantaMorph


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Comparatif Produit

Les utilisateurs n'ayant pas encore une licence d'utilisation peuvent tester les fonctionnalités de notre produit pour une période de trente jours après avoir télécharger le programme d'installation, FantaMorphSetup.exe. Consultez le tableau ci-dessous pour voir les fonctionnalités qui seront conservées après avoir acheté la licence de FantaMorph SE ou FantaMorph Pro, ou acheté avec la licence de la version FantaMorph Deluxe ouverte à toutes les fonctionnalités.

Features FantaMorph
1. Import Format
2. Export Image Format
3. Export Frame
Export current morphing frame to one image file
4. Export Movie
Export morphing movie to image sequence files, AVI movie, Animated GIF, Flash movie, Web page, Screen Saver, EXE
5. Built-in Image Viewer
Fast preview all supported format images with thumbnail
6. Built-in Image edit tool
Supports crop, rotate, flip, adjust source image
7. Key Dots Style
Total 10 smooth key dots style with transparency
8. Key Dots Color
Any single color for all dots or cycle through 8 basic colors
9. Single Key Dot Edit
Add, delete, move
10. Multiple Key Dots Edit
Rectangle marquee to select, move, scale, rotate, skew, flip, copy, cut, delete, paste
11. Line Edit
Add, delete, move line; connect key dots by lines; select all dots connected to a line
12. Real-time Preview
Preview morphing effects of current frame in real time; fast scroll to preview all frames
13. Real-time Playback
Play morphing movie in real time
14. View Modes
Full View, Edit Only, Preview Only, Frame Sequence, Full Screen mode
15. User Interface
3 built-in skins; import FantaMorph Skin Files; adjust skin hue
16. Printing
Print source images, preview and all morphing frames; WYSIWYG print preview
17. Dual View Mode
Show the edit window and preview window on dual monitors separately
18. Add Filters
Add filters for source images
19. Add Caption
Add caption for source images
20. Sequence Morph
Morph more than two images in a single project, directly edit/preview/export the whole morph
21. Export AVI Source Video
Export all frames of the AVI source videos to resulting files
22. Movie Effect
Decorate movie with background, mask, foreground, light and sound
23. Feature/Shape/Master Curve
Control the morph process of feature, shape and transparency
24. 32-bit Preview
Show a checkerboard background when preview/play 32-bit morphs
25. Import/Export 32-bit with Alpha Images
26. Image Sequence Packer
Pack a series of images into a new movie
27. Accurate Edit
Show triangle mesh and morph track to edit key dots accurately
28. Layer Morph
Have multiple morphs running in different layers simultaneously in one project
29. Track Curve
Use nonlinear morph tracks instead of linear ones
30. Camera
Pan/zoom/rotate each morphing frame under a customized track, just like see the morph from a moving camera
31. Sequence Effect
Decorate a sequence with background, mask, foreground, transition, light, trail, radial
32. Add Filters/Caption for Movie
Add filters/caption for the whole morph movie
33. Intelligent Memory Management
Using intelligent memory management makes it possible to load unlimited or huge source images in one project
34. Import/Export FMD files
Import/export FantaMorph Point Data (.fmd) where each row is x-y coordinates data of a key dot
35. Export Frame to FME/FMD
Export an intermediate morphing frame to FantaMorph Editing Frame (.fme) or FantaMorph Point Data (.fmd)
36. Export 32-bit AVI
Export 32-bit AVI files, you can then import them into other video editing software as overlay video clips
37. Export Transparent Animated GIF
Export a transparent morph to a transparent animated gif file
38. Face Extractor
Automatically extract  the face portion from all the source images in a project
39. Face Locator
Automatically detect the facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) and place key dots on corresponding positions
40. Face Mixer
Mix the feature/shape of multiple real faces to compose a virtual face
41. Face Library
Collect and store source images along with key dots in a classified library
42. Export QuickTime Movie
Export morphing animation to QuickTime movie (version 5.1.6 or later)
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