Lesson 6 - Real-time Playback

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By taking advantage of hardware acceleration of modern graphics cards, FantaMorph achieves "Real-time Playback" which means you can preview/play the final morphing effects in real time while editing.

1. You can set the Preview Only mode using the F7 key or the View/Preview Only menu.

Preview Only

2. There are two useful options which control play, the Auto Loop and the Auto Reverse (1). Turn on the Auto Loop, and the morph will repeatedly play until you press the Pause button. Turn on the Auto Reverse to make the morph cycle from start to end, then reverse from end to start.
There are two additional options for a Sequence Morph, the Auto Play All and the Auto Switch. By default, the program only plays the current sequence, but if you turn on the Auto Play All, you can preview all the sequences one by one. Turn on the Auto Switch, the program will automatically switch to each sequence while playing.

3. There is also a group of control buttons (2). The largest button is the Play/Pause switch. Clicking it will start or stop playing. The other 4 buttons will preview the first, the last, the previous or the next frame.

4. As a default, the preview speed is 15 fps (frames per second). If you are running FantaMorph on a higher-performance computer, you may increase the preview speed up to 30 fps, for example.

5. Remember that you edit your work while the morph movie is playing in real time, which means you will immediately see the effects on your final morph.

6. Beginning with version 4.0, you can set the Full Screen mode using the F11 or ALT + Enter key or the View/Full Screen menu, this will help you to see the full morph as big as possible when design. Press the Spacebar to play/pause the morph in full screen, or press the ESC to quit the full screen mode.

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