Download Free Skins

Beginning with version 2.0, a brand new, skinnable interface has been implemented. There are 3 built-in skins in FantaMorph: Standard, MAC, and Blue. Click on thumbnails to view full size.

Standard Skin, Full Mode  Standard Skin, Edit Mode  Standard Skin, Preview Mode  Standard Skin, Frame Sequence Mode

Built-in Standard Skin

MAC Skin, Full Mode  MAC Skin, Edit Mode  MAC Skin, Preview Mode  MAC Skin, Frame Sequence Mode

Built-in MAC Skin

Blue Skin, Full Mode  Blue Skin, Edit Mode  Blue Skin, Preview Mode  Blue Skin, Frame Sequence Mode

Built-in Blue Skin

Downloadable Skins

You can download the skins shown below with which to replace the built-in skin. Just click on the download link to save the .fms files in any chosen location on your disk. The directory "C:\Program Files\Abrosoft\FantaMorph3\Skin" is recommended. (Note that this skin is for version 3, please check this page later for its update for the new version.)

Butterfly Skin, Full Mode  Butterfly Skin, Edit Mode  Butterfly Skin, Preview Mode  Butterfly Skin, Frame Sequence Mode

Create Your Own Skins!

If you are interested in creating your own skins, please email us to get further details about "How to Create My Own Skins".
If your skin is unique and cool enough, and you want to share it with other FantaMorph users, you might consider submitting it to us for download. In this way, you might have a chance to win a free copy of FantaMorph Pro.


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