FAQs on Custom Morph Print Service

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1. How the morph photos look like?

When you hold a morph photo in your hands, you will say "it looks like a normal plain photo." Right, if you hold it without any movement, it just looks like a normal still picture. However, if you slightly rotate the photo in a back/forth or left/right wrist movement direction, a live animation will be present to your eyes and you will say "wow, it comes to life!"

2. Why the morph photos can show animation instead of still image?

Our CMP service is based on the traditional and wide used technology, Lenticular. A morph photo is actually a lenticular print. Lenticular print can easily be described as specially prepared graphics that are designed to work together with a lenticular lens to allow the viewer to see different images depending on the angle at which they view it. So, a morph photo made from a series of morphing images, viewed through the lenticules, appears to move as it is turned creating dramatic animation.

3. What do I need to prepare for the CMP service?

This part is easy. All we need from you are digital files. To create a morph photo, send us two source image files. To create a flip photo, send us two, three or even more source images. If you can use our FantaMorph software, it is strongly recommended to send us the FantaMorph source project file so that the final effect is just you desired. For more information, check out the Photo Requirements page.

4. What is the maximum number of frames that can be featured in a morph photo?

For Flip effect, the acceptable number of frames is 2, 3, 4 or more. 2, 3 is recommended. If more than 4, the source images should have a common or similar background.
For Morph effect, the acceptable number of frames is 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 21, 22, 24. However, the most appropriate number depends on the final photo size and the morph content you want to show. So, it is strongly recommended to send us the source project created by FantaMorph, we can easily set an appropriate number of frames according to our experiences.

5. Does it matter if I want the animation to happen when the photo is moved left/right vs. up/down?

Yes. Lenticular animates better up/down better than it does left/right. The only time it should be necessary to do a left/right animating image is if the morph photo is standing or hanging and people are walking by it (like a POP display), also note that this is only suitable for large size such as 8x10" or up.

6. What are the minimum order quantities?

No minimums, or say the minimum order quantity is only ONE! In fact, our CMP service is just aimed to the consumers who want to make their personal morph photo for only one piece or just a couple of pieces.
There are so many companies provide lenticular service in all of the world. However, you must order 1,000 or even more pieces from them. You can't find a company offers such a no minimum service before Abrosoft!

7. What does it cost?

We provide the CMP service at an affordable price. For a custom 2-flip photo, the price starts with only $14.95! For a custom morph photo, the price starts with only $16.95! We also offer discounts and free shipping for bulk orders. If you are our FantaMorph's user, you will get additional discounts for your order for CMP!

8. What are the minimum and maximum sizes?

The smallest size (that will look good) is about 1.75" square. If a lenticular is smaller than that, small lines will begin to break up under the lens. The biggest size we can produce is 20 x 28". However, we now mainly produce standard sizes including 4 x 6", 5½ x 5½", 5 x 7", 7 x 9½" because they are suitable for IKEA photo frames. If you need a small size like 2¼ x 3½" (name card size) or big size over 8 x 10", please contact us for a quote.

9. When will I receive my morph photos?

All orders are processed within 7-10 business days (Monday to Friday except holidays) and then shipped out by the Normal Postal Service or Worldwide Express service. For most countries, orders shipped by the Normal Postal Service will arrive in 7-15 days, but orders shipped by the Worldwide Express will arrive in only 2-5 days.

10. Can I get free samples?

We do not provide free samples yet. But you can win a chance to get your own morph prints for free in any of these ways: translate part or all of the sites into your native language; share your morph in our Morph Gallery; give us your opinions or suggestions, etc.