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TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award Winner of Morphing SoftwareFantaMorph from Abrosoft is powerful morphing software that is perfect for both those who are starting out, and those who are well versed in the world of morphing. We love that this software provides vast help and support options, including tutorials and a user manual. If you take the time to read these documents and apply them to your morphing tasks, your projects will soon look as if a professional created them.

This morphing software offers huge possibilities with its diverse feature set, and it offers you quick editing power with its real-time preview. FantaMorph is the best morphing software on the market, as it allows you to create professional-quality morph animation. All this makes it the most powerful morphing application we've reviewed and earns it the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

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5-Star Rating by CNET EditorsWhat struck us even more than Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro's enormously elegant and straightforward interface was how well the friendly project wizard and tutorials put the advanced animation software within an amateur's reach. Powerful but easily applied tools seamlessly morph sequences of two or more images while providing an instant preview. The color cycle tool, for instance, eases the marking of key points on each image in the sequence by turning the default green dots into a rainbow spectrum, making it easier to distinguish the placement of individual points on the corresponding images.

User controls dictate frame length, morphing style, and one of seven video-export formats, including AVI, Flash movie, and screensaver. Conferring a professional polish and pleasing intermediate-to-advanced users is a selection of additional dramatic effects like lighting, masks, curves, and filters. Note that the demo version prints a watermark on all output--a common trial restriction on programs of this breed.

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Excellent Rating by FindMySoft EditorsDid you ever look at a movie or a video and saw a cool looking morphing effect? One moment you’re seeing a normal human face and the next thing you know, that face turns into a beastly werewolf. Or a beautiful unicorn if that is more up your alley.

You too could come up with some pretty cool looking morphing effects. All you have to do is get the right piece of software to help you out. In this case the right piece of software is the Abrosoft-developed application FantaMorph. The application weighs in at some 6MB, so downloading it should not take too long. Once downloaded, you can install the application on any version of the Microsoft-developed Windows operating system (this includes Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7).

The fact that you can download the app in a blink and easily install it on any Windows-powered computer, are things you will definitely like about FantaMorph. But that is just scraping the surface. There are plenty other things to like about this application. For example you will like its functionality. It can create morphing pictures and sophisticated morphing effects. You can add unique and great looking effects to screensavers, web graphics, music videos, ads, movies, educational software, presentations, email, greeting cards, and all sorts of other documents.

FantaMorph puts a great emphasis on ease of use. Everything about this piece of software is built around making it super easy for the user to come up with morphing effects. The user interface is simple, elegant, and easy to figure out. There’s a friendly project wizard to guide you. There are tutorials that will provide novice users with much cues and tips.

Abrosoft markets three FantaMorph versions: Standard, Professional and Deluxe. The difference is in the amount of features you get and the amount of money you have to pay. FantaMorph is free to try only. For 30 days you can try out any of the three versions. You can switch from one version to another from the Help menu.

FantaMorph is an application that offers you a wide selection of tools to create cool looking morphing effects and makes the whole process very easy.

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Those of us who have serious video-effects software are happy people (of course, if they really CAN use their software). Besides the serious creative works, they can create small but cool effects for web pages, presentations, and entertainment. But the rest of us, who don’t like to buy and study those <professional packages>, can still Do The Effects with small, pretty and easy software tools that feature narrower but yet sufficient set of capabilities.

FantaMorph is such a tool, that addresses all tasks about draw morphing between two images (in the very last version, FantaMorph can even calculate series of morphing transformations for series of images!).

In FantaMorph’s easy and pretty — skin-based — interface, ALL things are easy and pretty. You open the two images that you want to morph between (the software supports the majority of existing graphics formats). Before you go on with the morphing, you can edit the images in-place — crop, rotate, resize and apply some basic effects. Finally, you setup the <key points> for the morphing and hit Start!

The efficiency of the software allows you to see the immediate preview: a movie with the morphing in the <real> speed. Now you can see this video, all frames in the sequence, and save the video or any of its frames. The software allows saving movies in many formats (even Flash video and self-executable EXE video file!)

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Testimonials on Morphing Software FantaMorph

quote I have used morphing software in the past (several high-end products) but found the rendering speed or node placement too cumbersome to consider beyond several scenes. Your product gives a quality result and is fast enough to master and use... I'm glad I gave it a try. The results are excellent!

- Gary O.

quote I cannot explain my sentiments how pretty and classical this program is. Abrosoft FantaMorph is a professional tool to blend two different pictures with splendid results. It is effective, steady, and yet easy to understand and quite comfortable to use... That's the program I was looking for years to soothe my fantasies. I really enjoyed it. Excellent!

- Muhammad A.

quote I looked at several morphing software before I purchased FantaMorph, and your product outshone the others by far. I think you have done a marvelous job with the interface, tools, and capabilities. I produced a wonderful little movie on my first try!

- Sue B.

quote I've tried your trial FantaMorph and am quite pleased with how easy and user-friendly it is for first-timer like me.

- Anthony C.

quote I've just bought your program today. Brilliant!! I had never heard of Morphing before today & I suppose I'm only using the basics - but it seems so easy to use - so far. I didn't think my 2 grandsons looked that much alike, yet when you watch the transformation it's amazing.

- Eric A.

quote before bouncing on this product always thought this was something only confine to the professionals..... its going to be fantastic to try FantaMorph. cheers to the folks who created this......

- Joe

quote I will market your product to all my friends and associates in the graphics field. A product so easy to use with a fantastic GUI and to experience real-time morphing is out of this world.

- Charles F.

quote You make a great morphing software, better then any others I have used. Attached are the project files for the morphs that I have submitted. Keep up the great work, and I may have some more morphs to submit in a year.

- Philip S.

quote May I just say job well done on a fantastic program! I am a long time Gryphon Morph user and I recently went onto the web to see if there was an update for that program and found that it was no longer made. So I looked around and found your product and saw that it was very acclaimed. I love it. It is so easy to use and surprisingly fast.

- Ellis E.

quote I used Gryphon Morph some years ago and was looking for a suitable alternative. FantaMorph is wonderfully smooth. And the real-time preview knocked my socks off. It's not only helpful... it's essential.

- Ralph M.

quote I was introduced to FantaMorph through work and have been impressed by its ease of use. You guys did a great job keeping the functions of this simple concept (morphing) intuitive to the user, and I cannot praise the comfortable learning curve enough.

- A-me

quote First off I want to compliment your product. I'm looking at a couple different morphing software right now and your interface is much more attractive and easy to use. I've done a couple tests and I love the results.

- Seth M.

quote I played with one or two morphing software a few years ago, but I was shocked at the fantastic quality and real-time previewing with FantaMorph. I mean, you can actually shift a dot around and see how it affects the morph in real time. Absolutely amazing stuff!

- Alan

quote I appreciate your help. Your support is fantastic. So fast I could hardly believe it.

- Kathy H.

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