Sequence Effect

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In addition to add Movie Effect (background, mask, foreground, etc.) to the whole movie, now you can add Sequence Effect (another layer of background, mask, foreground, etc.) to every sequence.

For example, we add background, mask and foreground for the sequence below. Since there is only one sequence in the morph, it has the same effect as using Movie Effect. However, it will be allowed to set different background, mask, foreground, etc. for each sequence in a future update version.

Now we add different background, mask, foreground and light as Movie Effect. It just looks like the two layers of effects, Sequence Effect and Movie Effect, have been blended together.

However, Movie Effect acts on the whole movie zone but the Sequence Effect only acts on the Camera zone. As you see the example below, once we set a camera to the sequence, you can easily separate them from each other.

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