Lesson 1 - Import Source Image

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We begin by selecting two images to morph, a beginning image and a final image.

1. Click the Import Image 1 button (1) on the edit panel or choose Image/Import Image 1 menu.

Import Image Button

2. In the Import Image 1 window, choose a single image file. There is a preview panel on the right to help you make your selection. Your choice for image 1 will be the start image of the morph. In this example, the "girl.jpg" sample image, which is included with the FantaMorph package for demonstration purposes, will serve as the start image.

Import Image Window

3. The selected image appears in the image 1 area in the main interface.

Image Area

4. Click the Import Image 2 button (2) on the edit panel or choose Image/Import Image 2 menu. Then in the import image window, select "leo.jpg" sample image to serve as the final image of the morph. You now have two images loaded into the image area.
Note, the morph movie will be created using default parameters; the middle frame will be shown immediately. Because we have not added any key dots, the middle frame is simply a cross-dissolve between the two images. We will improve the morph in the following lessons.

After Import

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