How to Use Face Mixer

With Face Mixer, you can mix two or more pictures into one. In most cases, we use Face Mixer to compose a virtual face with multiple real faces. Please try to fuse different pictures of your favorite stars, your friends and family, men, women, children or any people into a wonderful, awesome or funny face. It's just plain fun!

1. Before you can use Face Mixer, create a Morph project with two source images or a Multiple Morph project with multiple source images.

2. Choose the Add-Ins/Face Mixer menu to open the window below. All the source images in current project will be listed here (1).

Face Mixer

3. For each source image, you can adjust the percentage of Feature (2) and Shape (3) separately by directly typing a new value from 0 to 100 or dragging the slider.

4. There is a Value Lock (4) in front of each percentage value. Click the icon to lock/unlock it. You can only adjust the unlocked values and the locked values are always protected.

5. Click the Shape Lock (5) to lock/unlock it. When Shape Lock is locked, all the shape percentage values are locked and will be always equal to corresponding feature percentages.

6. Click the Average or Random button (6) to get an average or random percentage for each source image. You can easily get unlimited fantastic results by clicking the Random button.

7. After you get an interesting result, click the Candidate button (7) to place it into the Candidate Library (8). You can then click an icon in the Candidate Library to restore it. You can click the Remove button to remove a candidate from the library or directly click the Clear button to clear the whole library.

8. Click the Load or Save button to load/save a .fmx file that stores the current mixing status as well as the Candidate Library.

9. The resulting image is always presented in the Preview window on the main interface. Since you can still operate the main interface even if Face Mixer is loaded, sometimes you may need to reload the composing result by clicking the Refresh button.

10. You can export the composing result to a still image file by clicking the Export Current Frame button or choosing File/Export Current Frame menu. See more about "Export Current Frame".

11. You can directly print the resulting image by choosing the File/Print Preview. See more about "How to Print".


  • All the source images should have the same number and order of key dots. So, it is recommended to use Face Locator to place key dots automatically.
  • If you need to append more key dots to hair, neck, etc. after use Face Locator, please add these dots in the same order for each source image.
  • Face Mixer is only available in FantaMorph Deluxe.
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