How to Use Face Extractor

When creating a face morphing or composing a virtual face using Face Mixer, you will find that you only wish to work with the face portion of the images and don't wish to use entire images. Although you can use the built-in crop tool to select the desired face portion of an image, it is not an easy work. Especially after you change the movie size, you have to re-crop all the source images to keep the aspect ratio, otherwise the movie will be distorted.

With the intelligent tool, Face Extractor, the program can automatically extract  the face portion from all the source images in the project using an extracting template. This will also ensure that all the face portions are aligned.

1. Before you can use Face Extractor, create a Morph project with two source images or a Multiple Morph project with multiple source images. Especially you should set the desired final movie size before the next steps.

2. Choose the Add-Ins/Face Extractor menu to open the window below.

Face Extractor Window

3. All the source images in current project are listed here (1). Click a thumbnail to start to extract the face portion from the source image. You can also click the Prev/Next button to load the previous or next source image.

4. The extracting result will be presented in the left window (2). Only the extracted portion will be used for the morph.

5. By default, Face Extractor will extract the face portion from an image as close as it can. However, you can freely adjust the position and size of the face portion relative to the final movie using the extracting template in the right window. The portion inside the black box indicates the face portion (3), and the whole white area inside the green box indicates the final movie (4). Hereby you can adjust the position and size of the face portion to create the extreme close-up, close-up, medium close-up etc. effects.

6. Once the extracting template is changed by any following adjustment, a corresponding extracting result will be presented in the left window in real time.

  • Adjust Size: You can freely drag the 8 cropping handles to change the size of face portions.
  • Adjust Position: Move cursor inside the black box and drag it to change the position of face portions.

7. Sometimes the extracting result may be incorrect due to the head position, facial expression, illumination etc. or you want to choose another face instead of the selected face from the photo, just double-click the left window or click the Edit button (5). On the edit window below, you can select the desired face portion and make it as close to the face template (displayed with the green lines) as possible.

Face Selector Window

8. When all the extracting results are satisfied, click the Apply All button (6) to apply the results to the project.

9. When a new source image added to the project, please launch Face Extractor to preview and adjust the extracting result, you then need to click the Apply One button (6) to apply the result only to the new source image.


  • Since Face Extractor automatically extract face portion from source images, there are some requirements for the pictures it can work with. To achieve the best extracting result, the pictures should be taken full-faced and oriented vertically with good lighting conditions. The variation of head position, facial expression, illumination etc., will cause the extracting result unsatisfied or even unacceptable.
  • If the result automatically extracted is unsatisfied, you have to use the built-in crop tool to select the correct portion manually. See more about "How to Crop Source Image".
  • Face Extractor is only available in FantaMorph Deluxe.
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