How to Morph More than Two Images

There are 4 ways to create a morph with multiple images.

Use the Project Wizard

The simplest way to create a morph with multiple images is to use the Project Wizard. Choose the File/New Project Wizard menu, when the program asks you for the project type, please choose "Sequence Morph" or "Layer Morph".

First click the Add button to choose a series of images for Source Image Sequence. You can then select one or multiple images from the list, then delete, move up, move down and duplicate by clicking the appropriate edit buttons.

Once the image sequence is prepared, click "Next" button, the program will create a multiple morph by following the image sequence through. Then, edit key dots for each image, or add movie effects if needed. The resulting movie is below.

Add Sequences Manually

If you want to create a morph with multiple images step by step manually, please see Lesson 9.

Combine Multiple Projects

Choose the File/Append Project menu to combine another project with the current one, repeat this operation to combine multiple projects into one.

Use the Image Sequence Packer

This method is just for any earlier version before 3.5, you can ignore it if you're now using version 3.5 or later.
Assume you have chosen five source images, called A, B, C, D, E, for your morph. You are preparing to make a flash movie, and you want to produce 15 morphed frames between each two successive source images. It is relatively easy to create a long morph movie using these 5 images by following the following steps.

1. Make project "Morph1" by importing A as "Image 1" and B as "Image 2", then export the resulting image sequence in your chosen format. (For this example, we will use JPEG.) You now have 15 image files named Morph101.jpg, Morph102.jpg, and so on, through Morph115.jpg.

2. Swap source images from the Edit menu. Now B is "Image1" and A is "Image 2", then import C as "Image 2" and save the project as "Morph2". Adjust key dot positions on C; add new key dots, or delete key dots, as necessary. Export this image sequence to get files named Morph201.jpg through Morph215.jpg.

3. Repeat step 2, using source images C and D and saving the project as "Morph3".

4. Again, repeat step 2, using source images D and E and saving the project as "Morph4".

5. Run "Image Sequence Packer" from the Tools menu, adding all 60 images, Morph101.jpg through Morph115.jpg, Morph201.jpg through Morph215.jpg, Morph301.jpg through Morph315.jpg and Morph401.jpg through Morph415.jpg. Choose the "Flash Movie" option, then press the "Start Pack" button. That's all it takes! See more about "How to Use Image Sequence Packer".

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