How to Set Movie Length

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As described in Lesson 9, a morph between two images is called a Sequence, a movie consists one or more sequence. You should set the length for each sequence of a movie. For Sequence Morph, the movie length is the sum of all the sequences length; for Layer Morph, all sequences should have the same length, and the movie length is the same as the sequence length.

Choose the Sequence/Length menu and the window below will open.

1. You can find the number of morphing frames, prolonged frames of Image 1 and Image 2 and total frames of the current sequence. Unlike you can only set Stay on Ends for both the beginning and ending images in early versions of FantaMorph, now you can set the prolonged frames for the beginning and ending images separately.

    Total Frames = Stay on Image 1 (frames)+ Morphing Frames (frames) + Stay on Image 2 (frames)

2. The valid range of morphing frames is 2 to 999. The valid range of prolonged frames is 0 to 999.

3. If you want to the length change of the current sequence applies to all other sequences in the project, please turn on the option Set to All after the corresponding frame number.

4. You can also find the play duration of three main formats: AVI, Animated GIF, and Flash. Since you can set the movie speed for each format in Export window, the play durations may be different from each other. 

5. As you input a new value in any one of Frames or Play Duration boxes, the other values will be automatically recalculated.

    Play Duration (second) = Total Frames (frames) / Movie Speed (frames / second)

Choose the Movie/Length menu and the window below will open.

1. For Sequence Morph, the movie length is the sum of all sequences length, so you generally don't need to set the movie length directly.

2. If you change the movie length, each sequence length will be automatically scaled up or down to fit the new movie length.

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