Transform data changed

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Transform data changed

Post by ehdud0201 »

Let's say I have a Seq1 and Seq2 now. I created some points in Seq2, and copy that points in Seq,

then paste it in Seq1. By the way, both image are same size/resolution/images.

When you paste the points from Seq2 to Seq1, the pasted-points are not in the same position in Seq1 as they were in Seq2.

Those images in Seq1 and Seq2 are the same images. The pasted-points are little bit off.

Is there any other option to paste the points from Seq1 to Seq2 exactly on the same position??

It works on the same Sequence if you put two images in one sequence.

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Re: Transform data changed

Post by fantam »

If an image appears on both Seq1 and Seq2, you can simply drag the image icon on Sequence List to duplicate.
See the tutorial How to Use Sequence List, "Drag an image icon to another image icon (even in another sequence) to duplicate the source image with key dots, or without key dots if hold SHIFT key."

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