Baby pictures.

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Baby pictures.

Post by melaniesue »

Hi, I am new to all of this, but it looks so fun Im going to download ASAP. But I have a quick question. Is their way to take two pictures of two adults and morph them into what their child- a baby, could look like? Hopefully theirs a way, if not oh well. Still gonna download. Thank you in advance! :)

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Post by rammer2003 »

Years ago, I saw this neat machine, where you sat inside and a photo of you was taken, then you had the option of having someone of the opposite sex sit for the next shot, or choosing someone from a stock photo library. Then you chose whether you wanted your child to be a girl or a boy. In my case, it wouldn't match me up for a photo, so, I stuck my eldest son in for the first shot, then chose a pretty blonde model from the stock library, then, when asked, chose a girl for the child. In about 5 minutes, out came a 4X5 photo - my son in the top left corner, the model in the bottom left corner, and the other two thirds of the photo was a photo of a girl approx. 9 years old. And it looked like a photo!! Not a slightly fuzzy image trying to combine photos, but an actual photo - and I could see where parts resembled my son (only younger) and parts looked like the model (only younger). I believe it was called the Geneology Machine, or something like that.

To answer your question, give this a try:

Morph the photos of your two adults together, then, depending on whether you want the child to be more masculine (a boy) or feminine (a girl), move the slider a bit more in the direction of the man or woman. Then, take that morph, and combine it with a photo of a baby or very young child. Adjust the slider more towards the baby photo than to the man/woman photo, and you'll get a fairly good idea of what the child might look like. A baby photo works better than a young child, because at this stage, features aren't as obvious (ie. babies don't look as obviously feminine or masculine as a young girl or boy does - here's the part where parents will argue this point).

Anyway, I hope this helps some.


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