First image stays

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First image stays

Post by ACJosh »

Im having an issue where my first image that Iam morphing into a seperate image is not disappearing. It just stays there, it will morph, but the parts that stretch are still all there.

For instance, when I just load two images into FantaMorph and hit the play button, the first one should just dissolve and disappear and the second one should APPEAR.....This isnt happening, the 1st image is acting like its freeze framed and will not do anything.

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Post by fantam »

It looks the first image you loaded is a 32-bit with alpha image.
You should add enough key dots on it, otherwise it may be not disappearing.
There is a trick to force the first one dissolve and disappear. Just choose the View/Overlap menu to turn on the "Overlap" option.

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