Limitations on multiple morph??

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Limitations on multiple morph??

Post by Moose186 »

I am using this product for an upcoming trade show where we will be photographing 200 attendees as they enter a room and showing all of them morph later in the day. In a dry run this morning, my system gave me a low virtual memory warning and basically crashed after importing 35 photos or so. That machine has 512MB of RAM. I then shifted over to another machine that has 1GB of RAM and attempted to create the morph there. That system allowed about 72 images before getting the same error.

I got each of these photos (JPGs) down to under 25k each, so the files are not huge at all.

Can you please advise on how it might be possible to make this work? If, in your opinion, even the best system would have issues running upwards of 200 photos into the system, please let me know--I'd rather know now before the show then while we are there.

Overall I think your application is great and have used it successfully on smaller jobs.


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Post by fantam »

If you need to add a lot of pictures to a project, the most important thing is the picture size (i.e. width and height), not the JPG file size. On our 1GB machine, we can import almost 300 pictures at the resolution 256 x 256 pixels without any problem. However, we can only import about 100 pictures at the resolution 512 x 512 pixels.
So, you can try to shrink the source pictures to a smaller size.
BTW, we are improving the multiple morph features. You can expect to add unlimited pictures with the next version of FantaMorph. :)

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