Jerky motion with custom Shape Curve

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Jerky motion with custom Shape Curve

Post by GreyWyvern »


I am busy making some morphs and using the Shape Curve tool to adjust the speed and acceleration of the animation. I've noticed that if you "level out" the curve at a point like this simple diagram:

Code: Select all

|                   /|
|            -----/  |
|           /        |
|          /         |
|         /          |
|    ---/            |
|   /                |
|  /                 |
| /                  |
|/                   |
... the animation gets jerky or "twitchy" at these points. The curve window seems to be making a nice smooth curve every time, but this jerky motion persists in the rendered movie, even if I make the movie 500 frames (29.97fps) or more.

Is there something I can do to fix this? Or is this a limitation of the program?

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Post by fantam »

If I apply the Shape Curve you suggested to the sample morph "Girl", the final movie will look like this below.
<EMBED SRC="../images/jerky.swf" QUALITY=high WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="164" TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash" PLUGINSPAGE=" ... h"></EMBED>

Is it jerky? Yes. However, it is just the effect of the shape curve. Please see more at to learn how a shape curve affects a morph.
You should use a smooth curve if you expect a smooth effect. A jerky curve will cause a jerky effect.

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