purchased as gifts

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purchased as gifts

Post by leah_falls »

i have a question which i have asked in a couple of e-mails to the sales support but have not yet received an answer to. i have purchased three cd's from abrosoft. received two out of three, two i would like to give away as gifts but am confused. do how does the person receiving the cd register it if the serial number and name is under my account info. am i able to get new serial numbers for the cd's and supply it with the cd so that they will not have to go through any trouble upon registering the program?

and how do i go about finding out why i did not receive my other cd?

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Post by fantam »

We always reply emails in 24 hours. If we received your emails, we have certainly replied but you lost it for some reason; or we never receive your emails for some reason. As you know, sometimes a normal email will be delivered to the SPAM folder due to the imperfect anti-spam policy.

As to the CD, please note that the CD delivery is a service of our registrar Regsoft and out of our controls.
So you can contact Regsoft directly to ask for a resend.
RegSoft.com Inc.
9625 West 76th Street, Suite 150
Eden Prairie
MN 55344
Phone: 1-877-RegSoft.com
FAX: 1-770-497-9234
Email: sales@regsoft.com

If you purchased three copies, you should receive three serial numbers. Your friends can register the program by using two of the serial numbers and their own name.

If you have further questions, please contact us at support@fantamorph.com directly. If you still can't receive our reply after 24 hours, please post a message here or resend the email from your another email address.

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