unable to install the program

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unable to install the program

Post by zapfire »

I am unable to install the program it gives me the following message:
Component transfer error

Componet: Main App
File Group: System
Error: The file exists.
| OK|
What can I do I tried to delete the file but it was in use by another program. So I turned off all programs trough ctrl+alt + del and only left explorer open and even then I was unable to delete that file. :x

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Post by fantam »

We have never encountered the problem you reported.
First, please confirm your OS is Windows 98 or later. FantaMorph can't run on Windows 95.
And, please download the correct installation package from our site at http://www.fantamorph.com/download/FantaMorphSetup.exe and re-install it.
The file STDOLE2.TLB is a system file, so don't delete it. I think you can ignore the error prompt "Error: The file exists" and continue to install. If the program can't run after the installation is complete, that means some other programs on you machine may conflict with FantaMorph. In this case, you have to install FantaMorph on another system.

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