You cannot see the morphing image at the preview pannel ?

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You cannot see the morphing image at the preview pannel ?

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Dear FantaMorphers.

My computer has Pentium3/Win 98/64 MB.
However, there was the above problems.
This preview pannel is one of the most advanced function among
Morphing Program.

In the end, I solved this problem.
Please proceed Start/Set-up/Control pannel/Display/High-grade/Capacity
at your PC.
At this window, control Hardware Acceleration.
Namely, there is 4 steps from not-use of Hardware Acceleration to use
of Hardare Acceleration.
In these steps, please choose 2nd step.
Then, this problem will be solved.
I killed much time to solve this problem.
But, you need not. :D

Charles Ferreira
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Post by Charles Ferreira »

Dear FantaMorphers

I experienced the same problem but, on a P4 2,4Ghz running a NVidia 34meg display card, OS Win2002. All I did was to run the upgrade function from the Start Button and MS defined an update for my NVidia, download and installed, problem soved! :shock:
Greetings from Charles @ BlueWindow

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