Problem with viewing movie

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Problem with viewing movie

Post by Cheri »

I managed to export the files of my daughter from a baby to now as 330 jpegs using the image sequence option. I then used the image packer to make them into an avi file, however it was extremely large (3,000,000 k)and none of my programs (Real Player, Media Player and Quicktime) could open it. If I save the file as an AVI file, but compress it how much quality will I lose and will I be able to view it with one of these players?

I also tried to save it as a flash movie, but don't have a program that will view that type of file. What do you recommend?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Post by fantam »

Hi Cheri,
Congratulations! You have found the most impressive use of FantaMorph - :idea: show the growing process of your lovely baby.

You can learn more about file export formats in the help document included with FantaMorph software program or read this article from our web site.

I suggest you pack those jpegs in Web Page format so that you can view the resulting flash movie with Internet Explorer immediately. And, I'll send you a free Flash Player program with that you can view your Flash movies easily and fast.

Thank you and hope you enjoy using FantaMorph.

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