Users can post any error messages or bugs that they find with the software for other users to discuss and provide a work around if any.

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Post by jgeders »

I am continually offered an update that fails to install. I have reinstalled the software as suggested in an earlier post. Unfortunately, This seems to have erased my projects in the process. Life can be cruel! Anyway, I have posted below the log file and would appreciate any help you might be able to share with me.

17:10:48 Logging started
17:10:48 Permission Manager Service is active
17:10:48 Date: 10/27/12
17:10:48 Client:
17:10:48 OS: Windows 7
17:10:48 Language: 0
17:10:48 Locale : 1033
17:10:48 Command line: "C:\Program Files\Abrosoft\FantaMorph5\FantaUp.exe" /Tray
17:10:48 Tray: Notification icon in system tray, only if an update is available
17:10:55 Instance already exists
17:10:55 Inbuilt version is 5.0, but FantaMorph.exe version is
17:10:55 Assuming current application version should be
17:10:56 Other instance found and will be activated
17:10:56 End of recording

17:11:07 Downloading files
17:11:07 Number of file requests: 10
17:11:07 Download file: FantaMorph.exe, 675120
17:11:19 Download file: FantaMorph.dll, 2257712
17:11:44 Download file: English.lng, 29889
17:11:45 Download file: Chinese.lng, 23457
17:11:46 Download file: Dutch.lng, 33699
17:11:47 Download file: Danish.lng, 30336
17:11:48 Download file: Swedish.lng, 31672
17:11:49 Download file: Czech.lng, 29981
17:11:50 Download file: Japanese.lng, 31897
17:11:51 Download file: Hungarian.lng, 32543
17:12:04 File transfer status: Success
17:12:04 Terminate file: FantaMorph.exe, OnInitiateUpdateProcess
17:12:04 Terminated process successfully: FantaMorph.exe
17:12:04 Transfer files
17:12:05 Error moving file: C:\Program Files\Abrosoft\FantaMorph5\AutoUpdateFiles\UpdateFile4
17:12:05 File destination: C:\Program Files\Abrosoft\FantaMorph5\Language\Chinese.lng
17:12:05 File appears to be corrupt
17:12:05 Errors occurred while undertaking update actions.
17:12:05 Running undo actions...
17:12:05 Undo release: 5.7
17:12:05 Replacing with backup: Hungarian.lng, UpdateFile21.bak
17:12:05 Undo release: 5.8
17:12:05 Undo release:
17:12:05 Undo release: 5.9
17:12:05 Replacing with backup: English.lng, UpdateFile3.bak
17:12:05 Undo release:

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Re: Updater

Post by fantam »

I suggest that you now uninstall the current version, download the latest version and then reinstall.
This will NOT delete the projects you have created. You may just can't find them in the recent project menu, but you can still find them in the place where you saved them.

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Re: Updater

Post by austing »

17:12:05 File destination: C:\Program Files\Abrosoft\FantaMorph5\Language\Chinese.lng
17:12:05 File appears to be corrupt
That explains it all. Have you tried running a System Restore to a point where the old version is working fine and applying the updates again?
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