Program crashing when exporting video

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Program crashing when exporting video

Post by tommymoonrunner »

I have downloaded the program to try it out.

When ever i try to export an morph sequence to video the program crashes!? i have tried playing about with different export settings but no luck i also tried on my Macbook pro.

I am running 10.6.8 on both.
Have an imac 2.8 intel core i7 4gb ram

I would love to use this program but i cant seem to get it to work.


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Re: Program crashing when exporting video

Post by fantam »

Please load a built-in sample project and try to export it. Does it work?
If yes, please send us your own project that makes the program crash by simply choosing the File/Share Project menu and then fill in our email address We'll find out.

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Re: Program crashing when exporting video

Post by klauzser »

I have this problem before when an unidentified virus running around my system. I got it all fixed including this one. Though, I am not sure if we have the same issue here.

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