Excessive memory usage

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Excessive memory usage

Post by rwrey »

I have a sequence morph project consisting of three sequences (it is nothing special, just a changing face morph with image captions). When I open this project Windows Task Manager shows a memory usage by FantaMorph of about 32,000K. If I click the Play button in the Preview Panel the mem usage stays about the same. However as soon as I move the mouse pointer into Image 1 or Image 2 panel (no need to click - just hover) the mem usage soars to over 1,750,000K and the preview panel animation becomes jerky. Even if I close the project the memory usage remains high and I have to close FantaMorph and re-open it to return to normal usage.

I first noticed this problem after updating to version 5.1.2 today (I was alerted by Norton Internet Security 2011 Performance Alert that memory usage was high) but I cannot be 100% certain that it did not exist before the update.

I don't have the problem with other projects (a one sequence morph and a three sequence layer morph) on this computer (XP Pro SP3, Intel Core2 CPU 2.4Ghz, 2Gb RAM).

I tried this project on my other computer which is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1, Intel Core i7 CPU with 12Gb RAM, before and after updating to FantaMorph version 5.1.2, and it behaved normally.

I've found that memory runaway doesn't occur if Auto Switch in the Preview panel is selected. What's more, once the preview is played with Auto Switch selected, runaway will not occur if Auto Switch is subsequently deselected. This edit relates to my XP computer, the Windows 7 computer is OK with or without Auto Switch selected.

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Re: Excessive memory usage

Post by fantam »

Many thanks for reporting this serious memory leak bug even if it only occurs:
1) on Windows XP;
2) in a Sequence Morph project;
3) during the movie playback;
4) if Auto Switch is deselected;
5) and when move the mouse pointer into Image 1 or Image 2 panel.
We have fixed this bug and you can now udpate to version 5.1.3 to get it resolved.
If you find any other problems, please don't hesitate to let us know.
Again, thank you for your help.

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