Ghost Play/Pause button in Preview panel

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Ghost Play/Pause button in Preview panel

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I've noticed that if you click the Play button on the RHS of the preview panel (it then turns into a Pause button) and then try to drag the slider, or even click on the slide track ahead of the slider, the Pause button moves about 4.5 cm to the right (off the panel). If you move the mouse to where the button should be it re-appears (there are now two buttons but only the original one works). Random clicking on the slider or the real Play/Pause button will make the ghost button disappear.
I know you should pause the slider before you manually drag it but quite often you forget and that's when the ghost button appears.

PS It only happens if the Sequence List panel is located on the LHS of the screen.

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Re: Ghost Play/Pause button in Preview panel

Post by fantam »

Thank you, we are aware of this bug. It will be fixed within the next update soon.

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