Max limit for number of dots? [SOLVED - it's 2,044]

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Max limit for number of dots? [SOLVED - it's 2,044]

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I have a rather large project with 2,044 dots (thus far -- it could easily be ten times this amount before I'm finished). FM Deluxe 5 won't let me add a 2,045th dot anywhere. If I delete one dot, I can add another somewhere else, but no matter what I try, I can't exceed 2,044 dots. Is this a bug or a limitation to the software of which I'm not aware?
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Re: Max limit for number of dots?

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The max number of dots is 2048, minus 4 invisible corner dots, is just 2044.
In fact, we never encounter a case which needs such many dots. I suggest that you simplify your dots model. If you can't, just send us a project to, we'll help you.

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