Error Msg Morphing 2 AVI Files

Users can post any error messages or bugs that they find with the software for other users to discuss and provide a work around if any.

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Error Msg Morphing 2 AVI Files

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Been a long time user of this product with no problems. However, I need to morph 2 AVI files and everytime I import I'm greeted with the "missing or corrupt message. Anyone have a fix?

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Re: Error Msg Morphing 2 AVI Files

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As described in the tutorial "How to Morph AVI Videos", "Now you can only import uncompressed AVI videos or some sort of compressed AVI videos if you have corresponding codecs."
If you encountered the "missing or corrupt" message, that says your AVI format is not uncompressed or recognized. You can use a video conversion tool to convert it to uncompressed.
Or, just wait more time for our new product that is dedicated for video morphing. :wink:

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