Multiple Sequence Morph Slows With Each Successive Sequence

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Multiple Sequence Morph Slows With Each Successive Sequence

Post by Bunyip »

I’ve created a morph consisting of 19 sequences using FantaMorph Pro v3.5.2. It works great within the FantaMorph application. However, now that I’ve exported it as a Flash movie, I’m having problems running it within Internet Explorer.

It starts out running fine, but starts to noticeably slow down at about the 12th sequence. Each sequence is then slower, until it’s crawling by the final sequence. When it loops back to the first sequence, it picks back up to the regular speed, but the slowing repeats again at about the 12th sequence.

The fact that the speed picks back up upon looping to the first sequence tells me the problem lies with the Flash Movie export, not the browser.

Frame Count: 285
Movie Speed: 12 frames/sec
Movie Duration: 23.75

The export file size is 1,588 KB, and the actual execution time to execute the entire movie is 47 seconds, instead of 23.75 seconds.

The diagnose morphing capacity test states that my system supports hardware acceleration. The test results were:

Total Display Frames: 4814
Total Display Time: 1.01 sec
Ave. of Frames: 0.00 sec
Morph Speed Rate: 4743 sec
Score: Excellent

Also, the FantaMorph export test result was successful too.

I’m trying not to panic, but I’ve invested a lot of time in this morph, and it’s my sole purpose for purchasing FantaMorph. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Post by fantam »

Thank you for reporting this problem.
We've just fixed it and you can now download a fresh update from the link we told you via email.
Please note that it's a temporary version, you should download the official update, 3.5.3, from a couple of days later.
Again, thank you and hope enjoy using FantaMorph.

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