How to edit flash movies?

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How to edit flash movies?

Post by courtnee »

Hi there,

I recently purchased fantamorph and am having issues with the flash movies it produces.

It appears that a carriage return is hard coded into the movie and displays no matter what code I use to embed the swf. This negates the reason I bought the program, which is to enhance a site where the movie has to display directly next to another image.

I am also in need of editing the encoded url to include a target= parameter, as the movie will be on a site that uses a frameset.

Thank you

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Post by fantam »

I'm not sure I understand your question.
If you need to control the flash movies, please use HTML or jave code in your web pages.
If you need to create some advanced flash movies (I'm not a expert on this), you can try to export your morph project as Image Sequence other than Flash, then import the image sequence into Macromedia Flash.
BTW, the flash movies exported by FantaMorph is Flash 5 format, I don't know whether it is the reason.

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