Please help!!!!!

Users can post any error messages or bugs that they find with the software for other users to discuss and provide a work around if any.

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Please help!!!!!

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I am in the process of buying this software. A friend of mine gave me a trial copy and all I wanted to do was try before I buy. My friend, however, played a stupid joke and I am about to kick his a$$. He gave me cracked version and now, I can't run the trial version, because my computer crashes. Can someone tell me how to remove the crack or the reg entry that is causing this. I will be buying this software after that. I am a doctor and there is no need for me to pirate software. I am new to this and had no idea what a crack is.

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First, please remove the crack version you installed.
Second, download the latest version from our site at and install.
Try it. If there is still a message says "crack version", please remove the software again and then reinstall, you'll get a trial version.

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