Dots on the edge

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Dots on the edge

Post by emma »

I am making a giant 345-picture morph of my whole 8th grade class (as I may have already said). I am morphing everyone's school photos, they are 240x300 pictures. When I place a dot on the edge of the picture (so I can morph their shoulders together) there is no problem, but sometimes after I do that, I place another dot and it looks really weird, it's really hard to explain but the picture has one of the faces all stretched out inside a triangle and I have to delete the edge dot and do that one all over. I know it's not that big of a bug, but it's kind of annoying and I thought I might address that.

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Post by fantam »

Q: Why doesn't my morph look natural?
A: While morphs can be produced in many different ways, FantaMorph uses what is termed the "key dots method." It is effective, fast, and easy to use, but it also has some limitations. Dots pairs must be in the same logical positions, otherwise, the result may be unconvincing. In this case, carefully adjust dot positions which define the affected areas.
As you can see the QA in the FAQs, if the dots on the edge break the logical structure of the triangulation, the result will be weird. You have to remove or carefully adjust them.

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