Pencil drawing/autodots and Doubling Dots

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Pencil drawing/autodots and Doubling Dots

Post by sdlawrence »

Sorry, I know talk is cheap and implementation costs, but I can't resist. Take or leave at will!

SUGGESTION #1: Dot Group Pencil Drawing
I would love to have a pencil dot drawing selector, so that could just "draw" a complex line or curve, and have dots appear on that line as I draw, all evenly spaced (according to a "dots per inch"/whatever spacing control).

Benefit: Instead of click-click-click from one micro-point to another, you would just drag and draw. If the spacing control is set to a very narrow range, you could draw scores of dots with a single stroke. Now that would be NICE!

SUGGESTION #2: Double the Dots in a Group
Along the same lines as above, Adobe Illustrator has a command: Object --> Path --> Add anchor points. Extremely handy. It basically adds an anchor point midway between each of the existing point pairs, effectively doubling the amount of "dots" in a single object (or "dot group" in FantaMorph). I know that the number of dots used is a key to good morphs. Sometimes I'll be working with a group of dots, only to realize I didn't make nearly enough of them for good resolution. If I had the Adobe-like feature just described, only for a dot groups in FantaMorph, I would use it constantly.

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Re: Pencil drawing/autodots and Doubling Dots

Post by fantam »

You definitely very care for the morphing image quality, so you intend to add more dots. :wink:
Yes, click-click-click is really annoying. In fact, we do have a plan to add a "Curve" tool, with that you can easily create a series of dots. The Pencil Drawing curve you suggested is good, in our plan you can also create professional Bezier Splines to generate dots automatically. Of course, the space between two dots is customized.
Your another suggestion "Double the Dots in a Group" is good for the dots on a line. We may add this feature in a near update. :D

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Re: Pencil drawing/autodots and Doubling Dots

Post by celavey »

I'm just thinking when will this curve tool be added....

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