Selecting a group of dots

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Selecting a group of dots

Post by Gordon »

When creating a warp. it would be especially helpful to be able to shift/click a group of dots and select this group and move them all together. Drag/select would be just as good.
Being able to move the whole group to the preferred location would create a much more accurate warp than having to individually place all the dots and guess at the relationship they had in their original location.

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Post by Muffuah »

Gord... You can drag and select multiple dots as you sugest but, I agree that it would be good to be able to select specific dots by either Shift-Clicking or Ctrl-Clicking. That would come in handy those time when you want to select dots that are close to those you don't want to select. Also, when you want to select dots on opposite sides of the image and having those in between that you, again, don't want. Good :idea:

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Post by fantam »

Great suggestions! You'll see more powerful dots editing features in the next version. Thanks!

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