Two-mode system for creating morphs/warps

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Should there be a second mode for creating morhs?

Yes, this would facilitate creating morphs!
No, the current method is sufficient.
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Two-mode system for creating morphs/warps

Post by Chris »

I have now tested and experimented with FantaMorph for some days and it works great. Especially for making WARPS, it is one of the best tools I’ve ever tried. Creating MORPHs however could be even a bit easier.

So, where is the difference? :wink:

When you create a warp effect, you load the same image to the source AND the target frame. You place one dot on the source image and FantaMorph automatically places another one on the corresponding coordinates of the target image. You can leave it there to avoid this part of the image being "morphed" or you can move it away from it's original position to create a warp effect. This is creating warps at warp speed! :lol:

But if you create MORPH effects, you load two DIFFERENT images to your source and target frames (e.g. two different faces). When you place your dot on the source image now (let's say you mark the left eye of the first face), FantaMorph places the corresponding dot, where the left eye would have been if it were the same picture, but where there is e.g. the right ear of the second face now. So, you have to switch to the target frame and move the dot to the coordinates of the second face's left eye. This is a useful method, if you need just a few dots to create your morph effect. But if you are dealing with dozens of dots, the situation becomes a bit ...hmm ... unclear. :shock: You search all over the target picture to find out, where the new dot has been placed by FantaMorph, easily mix up the dots and/or move wrong dots. :cry:

So I suggest implementing a two-mode system. A “warp mode”, where the corresponding dots are set automatically as they are now and a “morph mode” where the user can set the corresponding dots by himself. To stay with the example of the two faces: The user marks the left eye of the first face moves over to the target frame and clicks the left eye of the second face to set the corresponding dot there: No more searching for automatically placed dots, no more mixing up dots or moving wrong dots: Creating morphs would be as quick and easy as creating warps! :roll:

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Post by fantam »

Hi Chris,
You are so professional and so brilliant! :o
Actually, our developers noticed this problem after release of Verison 2.0. Now they are working on that to create morphs easily and quickly according to the same idea! You'll see the new feature in the near future. :)
Thank you very much and we would like to donate a FantaMorph Pro to you for your fervor and brightness. :wink:
Please contact me at

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