Lasso selection / Fall off

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Lasso selection / Fall off

Post by Balm »

it can be tedious to move individual control points around one by one. one can box select them but to be able to lasso them by simply drawing a boundary around a group of control points would be better for grabbing them when they are clustered together closely. Or you might have an option for controlling the fall off when selecting one point. which could effect its neighbors by tugging at them in a radial fashion. This could allow one adjust a point in relationship to the others.

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Re: Lasso selection / Fall off

Post by fantam »

Lasso selection is really a nice suggestion. For now, you can hold the SHIFT/ALT key to add/subtract the dots selection like in PhotoShop.

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Re: Lasso selection / Fall off

Post by celavey »

Funny.. This is what I've already been doing.. Anyway, is this option already been created in the previous versions?

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