KeyFrame actions

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KeyFrame actions

Post by Balm »

I would like there to be a way of "Keying" individual target points in sequence. To be able to say, this target point morphs/warps at this frame. This would be helpful when you wanted to start one action before ending another action. For example you want your character to blink and as its blinking to be tilting the head a little. As an animator it is helpful to think of key framing actions. In FantaMorph it is more like you are key Framing the object.
Maybe another approach would be to have multiple layers in one project that could all have there own transitions. This might give greater control over moving things around on stage. I like the idea of interactive control points because its already working with what you have so far.

Thanks for the great program.

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Re: KeyFrame actions

Post by fantam »

Thank you for your professional suggestions. In fact, this feature is in our plan for the next version of FantaMorph.

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Re: KeyFrame actions

Post by celavey »

Good thing this has already been added before I started using FantaMorph.. Great work!

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