Usability Issues

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Usability Issues

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I've been using your program for several weeks and I just wanted to provide some feedback.

1) I still run into problems when placing a dot on the picture causes a "crease" in the output window. I've read your article but it still takes a long time to figure out what is causing the problem. It appears that a new dot anywhere on the picture causes your program to do new triangle calculations and a whole new mesh of connections. Sometimes I just quit and start over because it's so frustrating. Isn't there anything you could do to simplify this?

2) I keep each project in its own directory. If I open a project, then export the movie, it wants to save the files in the directory that was used prior to this project. The default directory should be the current directory.

3) The "Show/Hide..." commands listed in the "Edit" menu would be more appropriate if listed in the "View" menu instead.

That's all. Thanks for a great product.


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Post by fantam »

Hi, Bruce,
Many thanks for your valuable feedbacks.

1) As mentioned in "Why doesn't my morph look natural?" at, "While morphs can be produced in many different ways, FantaMorph uses what is termed the 'key dots method.' It is effective, fast, and easy to use, but it also has some limitations. Dots pairs must be in the same logical positions, otherwise, the result may be unconvincing. In this case, carefully adjust dot positions which define the affected areas." I think you just need more experiences in placing key dots, or you can send a troubled project to us, we'd like to help you correct it.

2) 3) Nice suggestions and would be concerned. Thank you! :)

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