About the User Interface

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The user interface of FantaMorph is cool in looks, streamlined in function, and a joy to work with!

There are 6 parts on the main interface.

Main Interface

  • Image 1 Edit Panel - Edit source image "Image 1" and key dots at here.
  • Image 2 Edit Panel - Edit source image "Image 2" and key dots at here.
  • Edit Toolbar - Contains 6 edit buttons, 6 edit options and a magnifier.
  • Preview Panel - Displays the morph effects in real time at here, also contains the movie size and length controls.
  • Effects Panel - Quickly choose the effect tools for sequence or movie.
  • Movie Toolbar - Contains 5 play buttons, 2 play options and 3 export buttons.

FantaMorph is a skinable software. There are 3 built-in skins, you can also import additional skin files at any time. If you like, you can even create your own interface.

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